As a parent, talking about body parts with my daughter remains a tricky topic to navigate, but thankfully no longer a taboo like it was for my parents. Please join me in a light-hearted but serious  conversation with Torsten Koehler who heads up here in South Africa. Testicular cancer, like many others, is nothing to fear if diagnosed early. That’s why conversations with our pre-teens around (literally) “knowing your nuts” is an absolutely  vital conversation to be had. Sadly, it affects young men and they become vulnerable as their hormones set in, hence the reference to “11 year old’s”.  This is a candid and open chat about how we can have these sometimes embarrassing conversations with our kids, partners and people we care about. It’s all about awareness – like with most cancers – we need to encourage early detection without stigma. Men’s health is all of our health (and vice versa!)