At Zebra Medical, neither you nor any of your patients are regarded as mere customers.

We pride ourselves on our exemplary service levels that are unrivalled by anyone else in the industry. Each member of the Zebra team is personally committed to upholding “The Zebra Service Guarantee” which guarantees you and your patients:

  • 24/7/365 emergency call out policy for FREE – Our reps will get you and your patients the products you need any time of day or night as far is this is humanly possible.

  • Deliveries by our reps for FREE

  • Medical staff product training FREE – Our reps will provide before and after training and workshops for nurses (and any other hospital staff) to ensure that all medical professionals are familiar with and confident in handling all products.

  • Patient product training and after care FREE – Our reps will provide training to patients before and after any procedure, as well as follow up visits if necessary, to ensure that a patient is comfortable in caring for and managing any product or device that may have been used in the procedure.

  • Training material, brochures and booklets FREE – Our reps will ensure that both medical staff and patients are provided with as much information as possible on all of our products to ensure that all users are fully up to date with the latest research and industry practices.

  • Superior or equal quality to competitors FREE – Our products are sourced globally from international manufacturers which carry the highest quality marks (including ISO, CE and FDA approvals). Our products either measure equally favourably or are superior to other similar products in each of their respective niche markets.

  • Access to clinical trials FREE – Our suppliers have engaged various independent experts and laboratories in doing comparative trials which evidence their superior or equal quality over most competing products.

  • Access to full range of accessories – Each device is complemented by a full range of accessories for any given procedure. No one product is sold in isolation. You can therefore safely rely on your Zebra rep to source you all disposables that you may need for any procedure in one phone call.

  • Timely invoicing and prompt attention to orders, usually within the same day.