OnQ Pain Management System

ZEBRA MEDICAL is the sole supplier of the ON-Q™ range of products manufactured by AVANOS (previously Halyard Health), USA,  in South Africa.

The ON-Q™ pain relief system administers a continuous regulated flow of local anaesthetic through a specially designed fenestrated silver- impregnated catheter to the incisional site. The system therefore comprises the aforementioned catheter together with a soft-shell elastomeric infusion pump for the drug delivery.  It can also be used for continuous nerve blocks.

  • Catheters and Elastomeric pumps available as separate items or in kits (sterile)

  • Patented ON-Q SilverSoaker™ fenestrated catheter

  • Catheters with 2.5, 5, 12,5,19 and 25cm length of fenestrations

  • Elastomeric pumps available in 100ml, 270ml, 400ml and 600ml

  • Fixed flow rates @2ml, 5ml and 10ml/hour

  • Also available in select-a-flow which enables the HCP to set a desired flow rate

The ON-Q™ pain relief system  forms part of a multi-modal post-operative pain management approach with an over-arching goal  of decreasing opioid use in a post-operative pain management context. This in turn leads to early ambulation, improvement in pain scores, a decrease in nausea and other narcotic side-effects.


AVANOS (previously Halyard Health) (previously Kimberley Clark)
Based out of Georgia, USA and listed on the NYSE
Global distribution footprint in 90 countries
Global manufacturing capability
All products boast CE, FDA and ISO 13485:2106