Mid/Long-term Drainage Catheters

ZEBRA MEDICAL is the exclusive distributor of the PleurX™ and Safe-T-centesis™ catheters from BD, USA, in South Africa.

  • The PleurX™ drain is indicated for the treatment of persistent pleural effusions and ascites. It allows for intermittent, recurrent drainage of either a pleural effusion or ascites by the patient or his/her caregiver in the comfort of his/her own home thereby dramatically improving quality of life.

  • Soft 15.5Fr Silicone catheter with multiple fenestrations

  • Kit contains accessories for tunnelled insertion using Seldinger technique

  • Sclerosing agent can be administered via the PleurX™ drain

  • Catheter can stay in position as long as the patient requires it, often months

  • Extra drainage lines, caps, bottles and bags available

  • Proprietary valve preventing air or fluid inadvertently passing through the catheter

  • Polyester cuff promoting tissue ingrowth and decreasing risk of infection

The patient or caregiver can drain the effusion or ascites as often as needed. Pleurodesis is achieved in 46% ¹ of cases of malignant pleural effusions when treated with a PleurX™ drain. The quality of the patient’s life is improved by a decrease in hospital/HCP visits, decrease in once-off aspirations and increased comfort as the patient is able to drain more frequently.

ZEBRA MEDICAL also distributes the Safe-T-centesis™ kit which is a 6Fr pigtailed silicone drainage catheter that has an innovative “safe-T” spring loaded needle that prevents injury to any organs, by only “cutting” when in free space.

ZEBRA MEDICAL also distributes 600ml Prevac bottles and 4 litre drainage bags as accessories to these products.


[1] Putnam, J., Walsh, G. et al. Outpatient management of malignant pleural effusion by a chronic in-dwelling pleural catheter. Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 2000, 69:369–375.


BD has been operational since 1897
BD is based out of the USA
Multinational with global supply chain
ZEBRA MEDICAL has been distributing PleurX™ since 2004 (initially from Denver Medical)