ambIT Pump

ZEBRA MEDICAL is the sole supplier of the ambIT™ electronic ambulatory pump range from AVANOS, USA,  in South Africa.

The ambIT™ PIB-PCA pump is a handheld electronic pump that is used for post-operative local pain management.

  • Post- operative pain management – local anaesthetic, opioids or epidurals

  • PCA (Patient-Controlled Analgesia) – with or without a continuous basal rate

  • PIB (Programmable Intermittent Bolus)- regularly occurring doses of medication

  • Battery operated reusable pump with disposable cassettes

  • PIB +PCA – combination of above

  • Easily programmable and has a safety programmable lockout function

  • User-friendly Instruction App. available to download

  • History and programme review available

  • Port for optional remote bolus button

  • Disposable cassette with filter

  • Lightweight at 170g

This pump can be used for PCA and or PIB, but can also be used for a continuous infusion.


AVANOS (previously Halyard Health) (previously Kimberley Clark)
Based out of Georgia, USA and listed on the NYSE
Global distribution footprint in 90 countries
Global manufacturing capability
All products boast CE, FDA and ISO 13485:2106