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Pain Management

ON-Q Pain Relief System (Halyard Health) optimises post-surgical care by providing significantly better pain relief than narcotics alone.

The elastomeric ON-Q pain relief infuser administers a continuous, regulated flow of local anaesthetic through the specially designed fenestrated catheter to the intraoperative site. The patented ON-Q SilverSoaker catheter delivers pain relief across the full length of the incision. In addition, because it is silver-impregnated, it inhibits the growth of and/or destroys microorganisms. This gives critical protection of the surgical site, having broad-spectrum efficacy which kills 99.9% of gram positive and negative bacteria as well as fungi most often associated with nosocomial infections.

The use of the ON-Q Pain Relief System significantly reduces the use of narcotics (i.e. opioids) which avoids the negative side effects associated with the use of and complications of narcotics.

Per FDA approval, the ON-Q Pain Relief System has been specifically indicated for significantly reducing pain and narcotic use when used to deliver local anaesthetics to or around surgical wound sites.

With the ON-Q Pain Relief System, a faster recovery is ensured, thereby cutting back on hospital length of stay (on average, for any 3 day length of stay the ON-Q Pain Relief System can reduce stay by at least 24 hours). Local anaesthetic infusion may increase tissue oxygenation, thereby speeding up recovery and ambulation, and may consequently result in fewer breakthrough episodes of pain and greater overall patient comfort.

ON-Q C-bloc is a continuous peripheral nerve block system that slowly infuses local anaesthetic near a nerve for effective pain relief, using the same elastomeric balloon pump that forms part of the ON-Q Pain Relief System system.

A simple and reliable system, ON-Q C-bloc is an alternative to electronic pumps. This pump continues to be used in shoulder procedures by orthopaedic surgeons and anaesthetists alike with success ensuring that shoulder patients’ are provided 24 hours pain free recovery after surgery.

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