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Zebra Medical markets Centurion’s dressings, Sorbaview and Versaderm, so as to complement its range of access ports and needles.

Silversite Zonis Antimicrobial Access Site Dressing:
This is a round silver impregnated foam dressing, where the one side of the dressing is covered with “black” silver ions. There is a slit in the dressing so as to facilitate its placement around almost any size catheter. The healing and anti-microbial properties of silver have long been established and have regained popularity of late due to the fact that it silver is inexpensive yet provides safe and effective protection against a wide array of bacteria.

SilverSite Zonis kills bacteria and fungi with broad spectrum activity. It inhibits Gram (-) and gram (+) organisms, including antibiotic resistant bacteria. It delivers sustained release of antimicrobial activity for seven days while wicking moisture away from the site.

SorbaView Dressings:
Semi-permeable transparent polyurethane window dressing with an integrated absorbent border that wicks away any moisture. It is surrounded by a non-woven fabric. The skin is able to breathe, but is a barrier to liquids and bacteria. The SorbaView dressings are used in the treatment of central venous catheters, PICC lines, dialysis procedures, implanted access ports, epidural catheter securement and can be worn for at least 7 days. The dressing is waterproof allowing patients to shower, but allows moisture from under the dressing to pass through the film. They are easy to remove with minimal discomfort, being non-irritating, non-sensitizing and latex free.  Can remain in position for 7 days.

Versaderm Dressings:
Versaderm is a 6 x 8 cm transparent dressing with a window. It allows the skin to breathe, but is impermeable to virus’, bacteria and liquids.

Emo Soffix Dressings: 
The Emo Soffix post-blood dressing is a small dressing ideal for use after blood,  IV cannula or port needle removal. The central pad aborbs up to 20 times it’s weight, swelling up and making it an  effective pressure dressing

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