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Catheters for pleural effusions and ascites drainage: An innovative approach to home management of malignant pleural effusions and ascites drainage.

The PLEURX Pleural Catheter and PLEURX Home Drainage Kit have FDA clearance for intermittent, long-term drainage of symptomatic, recurrent, malignant pleural effusions and ascites.

The devices are indicated for the palliation of dyspnea due to malignant pleural effusions and for providing pleurodesis. The most common treatment for a persistent, recurrent malignant effusion has been large-bore chest tube drainage followed with instillation of a sclerosing agent (i.e., tube thoracotomy with pleurodesis). This procedure requires hospitalization, limits patient mobility and is uncomfortable. The PLEURX catheter system is an innovative approach to home management of these effusions. The catheter with drainage holes is inserted into the chest cavity or abdomen by one’s doctor. While the PLEURX catheter system allows patients to tap off ascites or pleural effusion in the comfort of their own home in a safe and controlled manner, without the need for any nurse or other assistance. The catheter can remain in the body for many months. Drainage can be performed using a drainage line attached to either a vacuum bottle or a drainage bag.

Zebra Medical also provides other drainage kits for shorter term pleural and ascites drainage solutions, viz. the Safe-T-Centesis kit and the Paracentesis kit.

This innovative drainage system is designed to reduce the risks associated with normal percutaneous needle placements and enhance patient comfort and procedural flexibility. Key focus is on ensuring patient “safety” during the drainage process.

The Paracentesis kit is the cost effective solution to inexpensive alternative to the standard “Jelco and bucket” procedure usually adopted for the drainage of ascites fluids. Because it is a closed system, it provides for an odourless and sterile system where cleanliness is maintained and the patient’s comfort a priority.

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