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Disposable Infusion Pumps

The disposable and portable HOMEPUMP C-Series and Eclipse pumps are soft-shell elastomeric pumps that are manufactured by Halyard Health, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kimberley-Clark. These pumps provide continuous infusion by means of an elastomeric balloon pump with delivery times from 1 hour -11 days.

This type of pump is the undisputed pump of preference in the South African oncology market. Because it has a soft shell that deflates (like a balloon) as the drug infuses, the pump collapses to become completely inconspicuous, thereby providing patients’ more comfort while undergoing treatment and ultimately allowing them to remain discreet in their particular treatment. The HOMEPUMP finds extended application in the administration of chemo therapy drugs, patients suffering from Thalassemia Multiple Sclerosis, Gaucher, Pompe and other rare genetic disorders, as well as anaesthetic drugs. The MINI-PUMP (hard shell elastomeric pump) remains available as an entry-level device for chemo drugs for the more cost conscious patient.

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