Citra-Flow (pre-filled syringes) is a safe and effective catheter lock solution which are available in prefilled syringes in three different concentrations -  4%, 30% and 46.7%. Trisodium Citrate (TSC) is an anticoagulant with unique antimicrobial properties and obviates the need to use heparin. It therefore provides a safe and viable alternative to heparin, and avoids some of the well-known adverse side effects such as heparin-associated bleedings, whilst simultaneously inhibiting bacterial growth and therefore preventing infection at catheter / port sites. The 4%, 30% and 46.7% syringes are available in twinpacks (2 x 3ml TSC in 5ml syringes) and the 4% is also available in a single syringe - 3mls in a 10ml syringe, especially for use in oncology. Zebra Medical offers extensive training on this product to nursing staff, whether in renal, oncology, theatre or ICU applications, to ensure a safe and stress-free transition from heparin to Citra-Flow.