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Rebuilding your Confidence


Trauma, misinformation, poor mental wellbeing, non-disclosure and life experiences are all factors that can play havoc in an ER – but they’re also factors that erode our confidence. And a lack of confidence affects every area of our lives - from our personal relationships and quality of work to health and our wealth.Every day we [...]

Rebuilding your Confidence2021-12-01T10:35:23+02:00

Breast Cancer Interview with Dr Liana Roodt


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We managed to catch up with Dr Liana Roodt, Breast and Endocrine surgeon in Cape Town, for a chat regarding the progress that Project Flamingo has made over the past decade in addressing the delayed surgery lists for breast cancer patients in Groote Schuur and Livingstone hospitals. She [...]

Breast Cancer Interview with Dr Liana Roodt2021-12-01T10:39:40+02:00

Investing in Your Forties & Fifties


As with all stages in life, we experience change and growth. The way that we work with our money is different with each decade or each significant milestone. These changes impact our earning ability, budgeting behaviours and the way that we perceive and define value. When we’re young, the value of a robust financial portfolio [...]

Investing in Your Forties & Fifties2021-10-25T16:44:12+02:00

Smartmidline Insertion


SmartMidline (available from ZEBRA MEDICAL) insertion using Ultrasound guidance. Ideal for DIVA (Difficult Intravenous access) patients and patients requiring IV therapy for 4 - 30 days. Insertion in lower or upper arm , with tip of catheter terminating in pre mid axillary. Available in 2Fr, 3Fr and 4Fr in various lengths (4,6,8,10,12,15 and [...]

Smartmidline Insertion2021-10-25T17:24:02+02:00

Dissecting Investing


As surgeons, we’re good at asking our patients questions that cut deeper than our scalpels so that when it comes to making the big decision to operate, we’re confident that it’s their best route forward. In this article, we dissect some of the deeper concerns around investing. “Wall Street has a [...]

Dissecting Investing2021-09-10T15:28:43+02:00

Burnout in Women Doctors


9 August  2021 – Women’s Day – This year I penned an article dedicated to the special South African Women Doctors on the frontline. I like to call them the “bravest of the brave” because like women globally, they are not only juggling their lives but also saving lives …. This makes for a [...]

Burnout in Women Doctors2021-08-27T12:53:02+02:00

The ERPIUP Consensus 2021


European recommendations on the proper indication and use of peripheral venous access devices (the ERPIUP consensus): A WoCoVA project Pittiruti M, Van Boxtel T, Scoppettuolo G, Carr P,  Konstantinou E, Miluy GO, et al. (2021) European recommendations on the proper indication and use of peripheral venous access devices (the ERPIUP consensus): A WoCoVA project. J of [...]

The ERPIUP Consensus 20212021-07-08T15:19:46+02:00
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