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  • Zebra Medical is the sole and exclusive distributor of the Perouse range of POLYSITE/SEESITE port access systems in South Africa, including a range of titanium/P.O.M. ports, as well as its latest innovation of an echogenic port access system called the SEESITE port. The SEESITE port incorporates the latest technology surrounding ultra-sound guided placement techniques as well as provide for a hand-held ultra-sound machine to assist with the placement of these ports. The PEROUSE product range also includes their POLYPERF port access needles and their POLYPERF PPS Flow Safety port needles. PPS flow is the only port needle able to give single-handed positive pressure and to prevent needle-stick injury. These systems are intended for long-term, repeated access for the delivery of medications (e.g chemotherapy and antibiotics), fluids, TPN as well as blood sampling. Zebra Medical stocks the full range of Huber/non-coring port needles. In addition to the PPS flow (the gold standard in port needles), we stock a full range of winged Huber infusion needles (WHIN needles). It is important to remember that all ports should be accessed using a non-coring port needle to prevent damage to the ports self-sealing silicone septum. For more detailed descriptions, please see patient information below.
  • Halyard Health offer a full range of anaesthetic needles (single shot, and / or echogenic and / or stimulating), simulators (ideal for training on regional anaesthesia / nerve block techniques) and stimulating machines. ON-Q C-bloc is a continuous peripheral nerve block system that slowly infuses local anaesthetic near a nerve for effective pain relief, using the same elastomeric balloon pump that forms part of the ON-Q Pain Relief System system. A simple and reliable system, ON-Q C-bloc is an alternative to electronic pumps. This pump continues to be used in shoulder procedures by orthopaedic surgeons and anaesthetists alike with success ensuring that shoulder patients’ are provided 24 hours pain free recovery after surgery.
  • Citra-Flow (pre-filled syringes) is a safe and effective catheter lock solution which are available in prefilled syringes in three different concentrations -  4%, 30% and 46.7%. Trisodium Citrate (TSC) is an anticoagulant with unique antimicrobial properties and obviates the need to use heparin. It therefore provides a safe and viable alternative to heparin, and avoids some of the well-known adverse side effects such as heparin-associated bleedings, whilst simultaneously inhibiting bacterial growth and therefore preventing infection at catheter / port sites. The 4%, 30% and 46.7% syringes are available in twinpacks (2 x 3ml TSC in 5ml syringes) and the 4% is also available in a single syringe - 3mls in a 10ml syringe, especially for use in oncology. Zebra Medical offers extensive training on this product to nursing staff, whether in renal, oncology, theatre or ICU applications, to ensure a safe and stress-free transition from heparin to Citra-Flow.
  • Short Term Haemodialysis Catheters

    An Optimum Compromise between competing Factors. Where a balance between:
    • Flexibility & firmness.
    • Softness and anti kinking.
    • Material and durability.
    • Size and flow.

    Catheter Features:

    • Soft tip and Step-tip option
    • Length marked.
    • Small rotating fixation wing.
    • Extension lines stand repeated clamping and declamping.
    • Multiple threads female luer end.
    • Injection caps.
    • Variety of sizes, lengths and shapes.

    Kit Features:

    • Heavy duty length marked guide wire with advancer.
    • Long tapered tip dilators with stopper to avoid over insertion.
    • Scalpel # 11 for small snipping.
    • Nitinol Guide wire “N”

      Long Term Haemodialysis Catheters

      The Amecath Permthane Cuffed haemodialysis catheters are chronic, single or dual lumen, radiopaque, polyurethane catheters with a polyester cuff. The catheters are consisting of a catheter tube that have distally open, split or stepped tip and ends proximally with or without a connector hub. Catheters with hub are suitable for forward tunneling procedure while those without are suitable for retrograde tunneling. A female luer end is to be re-assembled to the catheter after the retrograde tunneling.
  • The disposable and portable HOMEPUMP C-Series and Eclipse pumps are soft-shell elastomeric pumps that are manufactured by Halyard Health, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kimberley-Clark. These pumps provide continuous infusion by means of an elastomeric balloon pump with delivery times from 1 hour -11 days. This type of pump is the undisputed pump of preference in the South African oncology market. Because it has a soft shell that deflates (like a balloon) as the drug infuses, the pump collapses to become completely inconspicuous, thereby providing patients’ more comfort while undergoing treatment and ultimately allowing them to remain discreet in their particular treatment. The HOMEPUMP finds extended application in the administration of chemo therapy drugs, patients suffering from Thalassemia Multiple Sclerosis, Gaucher, Pompe and other rare genetic disorders, as well as anaesthetic drugs. The MINI-PUMP (hard shell elastomeric pump) remains available as an entry-level device for chemo drugs for the more cost conscious patient.
  • Catheters for pleural effusions and ascites drainage: An innovative approach to home management of malignant pleural effusions and ascites drainage. The PLEURX Pleural Catheter and PLEURX Home Drainage Kit have FDA clearance for intermittent, long-term drainage of symptomatic, recurrent, malignant pleural effusions and ascites. The devices are indicated for the palliation of dyspnea due to malignant pleural effusions and for providing pleurodesis. The most common treatment for a persistent, recurrent malignant effusion has been large-bore chest tube drainage followed with instillation of a sclerosing agent (i.e., tube thoracotomy with pleurodesis). This procedure requires hospitalization, limits patient mobility and is uncomfortable. The PLEURX catheter system is an innovative approach to home management of these effusions. The catheter with drainage holes is inserted into the chest cavity or abdomen by one’s doctor. While the PLEURX catheter system allows patients to tap off ascites or pleural effusion in the comfort of their own home in a safe and controlled manner, without the need for any nurse or other assistance. The catheter can remain in the body for many months. Drainage can be performed using a drainage line attached to either a vacuum bottle or a drainage bag. Zebra Medical also provides other drainage kits for shorter term pleural and ascites drainage solutions, viz. the Safe-T-Centesis kit and the Paracentesis kit. This innovative drainage system is designed to reduce the risks associated with normal percutaneous needle placements and enhance patient comfort and procedural flexibility. Key focus is on ensuring patient “safety” during the drainage process. The Paracentesis kit is the cost effective solution to inexpensive alternative to the standard “Jelco and bucket” procedure usually adopted for the drainage of ascites fluids. Because it is a closed system, it provides for an odourless and sterile system where cleanliness is maintained and the patient’s comfort a priority.
  • Zebra Medical markets Centurion’s dressings, Sorbaview and Versaderm, so as to complement its range of access ports and needles. Silversite Zonis Antimicrobial Access Site Dressing: This is a round silver impregnated foam dressing, where the one side of the dressing is covered with “black” silver ions. There is a slit in the dressing so as to facilitate its placement around almost any size catheter. The healing and anti-microbial properties of silver have long been established and have regained popularity of late due to the fact that it silver is inexpensive yet provides safe and effective protection against a wide array of bacteria. SilverSite Zonis kills bacteria and fungi with broad spectrum activity. It inhibits Gram (-) and gram (+) organisms, including antibiotic resistant bacteria. It delivers sustained release of antimicrobial activity for seven days while wicking moisture away from the site. SorbaView Dressings: Semi-permeable transparent polyurethane window dressing with an integrated absorbent border that wicks away any moisture. It is surrounded by a non-woven fabric. The skin is able to breathe, but is a barrier to liquids and bacteria. The SorbaView dressings are used in the treatment of central venous catheters, PICC lines, dialysis procedures, implanted access ports, epidural catheter securement and can be worn for at least 7 days. The dressing is waterproof allowing patients to shower, but allows moisture from under the dressing to pass through the film. They are easy to remove with minimal discomfort, being non-irritating, non-sensitizing and latex free.  Can remain in position for 7 days. Versaderm Dressings: Versaderm is a 6 x 8 cm transparent dressing with a window. It allows the skin to breathe, but is impermeable to virus’, bacteria and liquids. Emo Soffix Dressings:  The Emo Soffix post-blood dressing is a small dressing ideal for use after blood,  IV cannula or port needle removal. The central pad aborbs up to 20 times it’s weight, swelling up and making it an  effective pressure dressing
  • Infections are a serious complication of external ventricular drainage. Infections cannot be avoided even with the best surgical technique and aseptic handling measures. Catheters impregnated with antibiotics (Rifampicin and Minocyclin or Rifampicin and Clyndamycin) reduce the frequency of positive CSF cultures. Prophylactic use of antibiotics carries the risk of infection with antibiotic resistant organisms including opportunistic infections e.g. Candida. The antimicrobial properties of silver have been known for centuries and have been used in central venous catheters for some time. Spiegelberg’s range of Silverline catheters are made of polyurethane and are impregnated with 2% nanoparticles of silver and an insoluble silver salt. Because of nanometer size of the particles, the specific surface area is large which results in the release of ions in antiseptic concentration on the surface of the catheter. Silver inactivates the enzyme systems with SH-groups of the cell wall that are active in transmembraneous energy metabolism. Silver ions block the breathing chain of bacteria, and consequently kill bacteria.
  • Zebra Medical supplies the Spiegelberg range for monitoring of Intra Cranial Pressure (ICP), Cerebral Perfusion Pressure (CPP) and Cranio-Spinal Compliance (C) with relevant probes.  
  • Our Vostra Neurosorb patties manufactured by Vostra GmbH Medical Products, Aachen, Germany. The patties are made from 100% cotton or viscose in a special needle and water jet process and are X-ray detectable. All Vostra’s patties have six essential properties: 1. High absorption capacity. The Vostra patties can absorb up to 10 times their own weight, whereas conventional patties only absorb 5 to 6 times their weight 2. No adhesion to the underlying surface 3. No linting or fraying 4. Ideal softness, flexibility and adaptability. The patties adapt immediately to the surface and remain in this position without springing back. 5. Excellent moulding and modelling capacity 6. High tensile strength
  • ON-Q Pain Relief System (Halyard Health) optimises post-surgical care by providing significantly better pain relief than narcotics alone. The elastomeric ON-Q pain relief infuser administers a continuous, regulated flow of local anaesthetic through the specially designed fenestrated catheter to the intraoperative site. The patented ON-Q SilverSoaker catheter delivers pain relief across the full length of the incision. In addition, because it is silver-impregnated, it inhibits the growth of and/or destroys microorganisms. This gives critical protection of the surgical site, having broad-spectrum efficacy which kills 99.9% of gram positive and negative bacteria as well as fungi most often associated with nosocomial infections. The use of the ON-Q Pain Relief System significantly reduces the use of narcotics (i.e. opioids) which avoids the negative side effects associated with the use of and complications of narcotics. Per FDA approval, the ON-Q Pain Relief System has been specifically indicated for significantly reducing pain and narcotic use when used to deliver local anaesthetics to or around surgical wound sites. With the ON-Q Pain Relief System, a faster recovery is ensured, thereby cutting back on hospital length of stay (on average, for any 3 day length of stay the ON-Q Pain Relief System can reduce stay by at least 24 hours). Local anaesthetic infusion may increase tissue oxygenation, thereby speeding up recovery and ambulation, and may consequently result in fewer breakthrough episodes of pain and greater overall patient comfort. ON-Q C-bloc is a continuous peripheral nerve block system that slowly infuses local anaesthetic near a nerve for effective pain relief, using the same elastomeric balloon pump that forms part of the ON-Q Pain Relief System system. A simple and reliable system, ON-Q C-bloc is an alternative to electronic pumps. This pump continues to be used in shoulder procedures by orthopaedic surgeons and anaesthetists alike with success ensuring that shoulder patients’ are provided 24 hours pain free recovery after surgery.
  • Trays: Zebra Medical has developed several sterile dressing trays, for your convenience. They will help promote asepsis and our commitment to “striving for zero” w.r.t. bloodstream infections. See range under patient information. Kits: Zebra Medical is continually developing new kits for their customer’s convenience and in striving to reduce costs. We currently have the EconoPack HOMEPUMP kit. It has a HOMEPUMP, port needle, transparent dressing, sterile tray, luerlock syringe and pouch at a very competitive price. See complete range under patient information.
  • Zebra Medical has various Ultra Sound kits available: US01 - Sterile Probe cover (13cm x 120cm telescopically folded) with elastic bands US02 - Sterile Probe cover (13cm x 120cm telescopically folded) with elastic bands and a Sterile 20g Ultrasound gel sachet US03 - 20g Sterile Ultrasound Gel US04 - The Zebra Ultra Sound Probe Kit provides an easy way to ensure a safe and sterile environment is maintained when performing any invasive ultrasound procedure. The kit is easy to use, saves you time and, most importantly, protects your patient and equipment all the while complying with the latest international best practices and guidelines. All the components in the kit are provided sterile in a peelable pouch and enable you to create a sterile field anywhere and at any time. Kit Contents:
    • 1 x  Sterile Ultra Sound Gel (Sachet 20g)
    • 1 x  Ultra Sound Probe Cover (13cm x 120cm) (Telescopically folded with x4 elastic bands)
    • 2 x  Drapes (90cm x 90cm with tape on the side of each drape)
    • White Tray (x2 galley pots x1 cleaning channel) (21cmx23cm)
    • 1 x  Blue crepe folded over the tray (to cover trolley surface)
    • 2 x  Lollypops
    • 6 x  Gauze Swabs
    • 2 x  Paper Towels
    Product Code: US04 NAPPI Code: 218067*001  
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