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Zebra Medical imports, manufactures and distributes a range of speciality medical devices in Southern Africa. Zebra Medical is a family-owned business that has been in existence for the past 18 years. Its core values are firmly rooted in providing exceptional quality products, combined with service levels that we believe are unparalled in our industry.

Zebra Medical provides a range of medical devices primarily focussed on Oncology,  Anaesthetics, Pain Management, Dialysis and Ultrasound consumables.

Zebra Medical’s team of sales representatives call upon hospitals (both private and public), oncology practices and clinics, and home care providers on a national basis. They ensure that these health care professionals, whether doctors, surgeons, pharmacists or nursing sisters, have access to the most innovative medical products within their given sphere, that are supported by reputable literature and studies, and that enjoy international accreditations (such CE Mark and/or FDA approval).

Moreover, Zebra Medical’s team prides itself on walking the extra mile for their customers as well as patients where necessary. Our sales force understands that their role goes beyond simply selling a product. Rather, each individual is personally committed to providing the best possible health care solution to his/ her customers, which involves an all-encompassing package focussed on exemplary service levels and premium product at a fair price.

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