Ultra Sound Probe Cover Plus Ultra Sound Gel

The Zebra Ultra Sound Probe Kit provides an easy way to ensure a safe and sterile environment is maintained when performing any invasive ultrasound procedure. The kit is easy to use, saves you time and, most importantly, protects your patient and equipment all the while complying with the latest international best practices and guidelines. All the components in the kit are provided  sterile in a peelable pouch and enable you to create a sterile field anywhere and at any time.

Kit Contents:

  • X1 Ultra Sound Probe Cover (13cm x 120cm) (Telescopically folded with x4 elastic bands)
  • X1 Sterile Ultra Sound Gel (Sachet 20g)

Product Code: US02
NAPPI code: 218065*001


Supplier Information

Zebra Medical is the supplier of this product. For more information, please contact Zebra Medical directly.