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Artsana PIC

The wound care and venipuncture ranges of products from the Artsana Group, Como, Italy, known as PIC will be distributed into hospitals in South Africa by Zebra Medical with immediate effect.

Halyard Health (Formerly Kimberley-Clark) : I-Flow

On the 16th April 2013 an agreement was concluded between Zebra Medical and Kimberly-Clark for the distribution of the I-Flow range of products into Southern Africa. The range includes ON-Q PainBuster systems, ON-Q C-bloc continuous nerve block system, Life-Tech needles, catheters and accessories as well as the C-Series HOMEPUMP and Eclipse range of balloon infusers [...]

Rebstock Instruments

Zebra Medical has been appointed as the sole supplier of Rebstock surgical instruments manufactured in Tuttlingen, Germany. The entire range of instruments is available for all surgical techniques with micro-neuro-surgery being the main speciality.